Perry Belcher

When I first met Perry Belcher, it was daunting. After all, he’s a master copywriter for whom countless high-level marketing execs literally swoon. When he speaks at conventions, the audience burns up notepads with a passion heretofore reserved for teenage girls at a Bieber concert.

He’s a Jedi of digital sales, author of dozens of top books…heck, he even has button named after him. Seriously. It’s called the Belcher Button. Google it.

When you get to know Perry, you get to know (what most of us who’ve been lucky enough to be in his inner circle merely refer to as) “The Stories.”

He has one for everything: from front row histories of new media to profound tales of innovation. From brilliant successes and, yes, even utter, cataclysmic failures. Hunkering down for a Perry tale is like stumbling into the living room on Christmas morning (Wait…you co-invented hand sanitizer????).

There lays in weight a wealth of knowledge…and you never quite now what you’re going to get.

Before reading any further, please read this article from the Huffington Post about Perry.

On top of Perry the businessman, there is Perry the plain ol’ man. The thing is, nobody would every use “plain” to describe Perry. I don’t know the chemical root of charisma, but Perry got injected with more of it than most of us could ever hope for. As comfortable in the boardroom as he is at the local bar, people recognize immediately that this guy just has…something…different about him.

Admittedly, those of us who have been smart enough to recognize that can get a little greedy. All too often, there’s a play for Perry’s time in the offices here. Sometimes that time is because we need a vital kernel of knowledge to guarantee success under his leadership. Other times, we just want to hear one of those stories.

We have been hogging Perry to ourselves in Hawk Group Media and Associated Interests management, his two founding ventures. If we had it our way, we would continue to keep him to ourselves. But this isn’t the Perry Belcher way.

The Perry Belcher way is to give back. He will plead for us to take this biography down because he happens to be one of the most humble and down to earth human beings out there. He doesn’t seek kudos or applause, nor fame or even fortune, really (though her certainly has both of those in spades). is about sharing this amazing visionary to the world.

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You’ll be shocked…Not all marketers are d-bags. Perry Belcher, arguably the greatest marketer on the planet, is the guy you work with to guarantee your greatest success, and also the kind of guy you’ll want to grab a beer with afterwards.

Get inspired, get busy, and get that money.


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