Tracy Dufur

“Tracy DuFur is the Regional Vice President of iWealth LLC. a wealth creation and advisory firm with offices in Texas, New Mexico and Nevada. iWealth LLC advises highly compensated executives and high net worth small business owners in increasing their retirement income, implementing tax savings strategies and mitigating risk. She is also an Advisor/Owner in Lion Street which is a group of national independent firms that provide life insurance, business insurance, and wealth management solutions to high-net-worth individuals, business owners, and corporate clientele. Tracy has held senior level positions with Fortune 500 companies as well as owned and operated two successful consulting firms. She shares her success and knowledge in business by investing in and advising multiple startups. She has extensive experience working with the medical industry and providing asset protection and wealth maximization strategies for doctors and doctor groups. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration, Marketing/International Business from California State University Sacramento and a MBA with a concentration in Finance from the University of Nevada Reno. In addition, she holds multiple certificates in insurance and management. She routinely publishes on the business of medicine and other relevant financial topics.”

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