What Would it Mean To Your Business?

To Have the Right Message,

In Front of the Right People,

At The Right Place.

Knowing Exactly How To Tell Your Prospect:

Where You've Been How You Got Here And Where Your Going To Take Them.

Imagine If You Could Be In A Room For 2.5 Days For Some "Triple I" Time. 

That's Intensive, Immersive & Intimate time that you could spend with US!

The Man Who Has Reviewed Over 50,000 Business Plans & Launched Over 500 Products To Sell Over Billion Dollars.

Imagine Spending Those Same 2.5 Days With Forbes Riley, The Billion Dollar Host, Who Has Done Over 144 Infomercials, Selling Over 2 Billion Dollars..

And Lori R Taylor, A Multi-Media Marketing Master Who Has Leveraged The Power Of "Pitch" On Every Platform.  Raising 4 Billion Dollars For Disabled American Veterans Through Direct Mail and Built Her Company Trupet llc To An 8 Figure Business In Less Than 14 Months..

Who Wouldn't Want To Spend 2.5 Days With This Power Trio, Look Over Their Shoulders And Have The Opportunity To Pick Their Brain For 2.5 Days... Seriously, Who Wouldn't Want Some Help From These Three Powerful Business Minds Who Are Top In Their Fields!

Imagine Coming To One Place For 2.5 Days To Learn From A Team Who Together Have Done Over 10 Billion Dollars In Sales...

What Would It Mean For Your Business To Have:


The Right Message,

In Front Of The Right People,

At The Right Place

And Knowing Exactly How To Tell Your Prospect Your Y Factor:

Where You've Been, How You Got Here & Where You Want To Take Them.

Then Confidently Wrap That Together With Your ROI!

The Pitch ROI: Be Relevant, Organized and Interesting!

Imagine Being Better At Asking For Anything From Anyone..

Come Join Us For Multi-Media Mastery And We'll Show You How To Take The Guess Out Of Getting A Yes!

So What Do I Get? Great Question! 

Unlike most events where you're lucky to get a glass of water and coffee ZOIQ is as close to an all-inclusive resort as you can get. Each ticket includes:

-->         full breakfast cornucopia of things to ensure you'll get through the strenuous schedule! We don't skimp, and let's face it...You're getting your noodle crammed full - so why not your stomach too? 

-->         Each day you'll also receive a complimentary working lunch. Time is money and we want to maximize your minutes! 

-->         Organized speed networking: With our "Secret Knock" style borrowed approach, you will be GUARANTEED to meet at least 30 strangers and as for ask for their help. The catch? You'll have 3 minutes or less to give your pitch to get exactly what you need.

-->         An actual dinner... for VIP and Founders Level Attendee's! This might be the most important time of the event. Take what you learn, tell your stories and get the chance to give Kevin Harrington, Lori R Taylor and Forbes Riley and other members of the team, the pitch of a lifetime! It's important to solidify those new relationships you have made at this dinner, so after a grueling session of business building you can have a cocktail and some food with the people you've met that matter to you. This will give you one last opportunity to really wrap everything you've learned up and be sure that you've got your contacts information to make 2016 the year that changed you business and you're life.

I'm In... But What Else Can I Do To Make The Most Of My Time?

So you think like we do...

Imagine having a small intimate dinner with people who have done what you're trying to do and can get you there faster with just one answer or one connection...

Imagine finally getting the chance to get your burning questions answered so you can make a difference in your business (and maybe even get the chance to find the capital you need to do it faster, better, smarter)...

So All Of That Is Great But What Does It Cost?

This is the best part...

Just attending the sessions where we reveal exactly what we did to ensure our success may be all that you need. We've spared no expense to make sure you walk away with a roadmap that's been drawn out by some of the brightest minds in the world!

And remember: Your net worth is directly related to your net-work!

As one of our attendees you'll get breakfast and lunch each day. It's up to you to decide how fast you want to go.

If you want the maximum amount of insight and access to this world-class exclusive brain trust then our Founders Club and get full access to exclusive dinners, VIP Seating and 75% off our future events!  This just might be the way you want to go. It all comes down to how serious you are and how fast you want to get there.

Simply choose your option below and you'll be locked in as one of the businesses in 2016 that decided its ready to make it big --- the decision is ALL yours!